Black Cat Interiors - Tips


Never Underestimate the Power of Elbow Grease

If your home is sparkling, fresh and smells good to walk into it is instantly appealing. Clean, clean and clean again!!  


Clear your benchtops and sink.  Clean the oven.  Clean the windows, clean the light fittings, Wipe the spots off the walls.  Wipe around the light switches.  Wipe the fridge. Never underestimate the value of elbow grease!


Take a good look at the furniture arrangement.  Just because it has always been like that doesn’t mean it is the best way.  If there is too much furniture, remove some of it.  People buy space.  They don’t want to feel jammed in or cluttered. If the couch is looking a little worn, add some colourful cushions and a throw.  This will divert the eye away from the worn patches.


If the curtains or blinds are worn out, take them down.  Clean, sparkling windows with no covers look better than worn out dirty drapes or broken blinds. 

Bathrooms and Toilets

Keep the bathrooms and toilets fresh. Your towels are often the focal point in the bathroom. Make sure they are clean and nicely folded.  The difference is huge.

In the Bedrooms

The beds and bed coverings are the focus of the room.  Make them look inviting.  Make the beds properly.  Ensure they are smooth.  Plump up the pillows.  Invest in a colourful throw and cushions. Tidy the wardrobes so that it looks as if there is plenty of room for storage.  Keep the bedside tabletops clear.  


It is the accessories that make the difference between an ordinary room and one with the WOW factor. Usually one or two large pieces will look better than lots of small items. If you do have small items, group them together by colour or style so they are presented as a unit.