Black Cat Interiors - Review

A Fresh Pair Of Eyes Makes All The Difference

Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes is needed to help you decide what you need to do to present your home for sale.  We will review the presentation of your entire property from the letterbox to the lounge and prepare a report suggesting options as to how it could be improved prior to sale. 






Is Your Furniture Past Its Use By Date

We can point out all those things that you just don’t see as you go about your daily routine.  The things that detract from your property.  The letterbox might need a coat of paint. The garden a spruce up.  The lounge and dining furniture might be past their use by date.  Or your house might be bursting at the seams with accumulated items like skateboards that haven’t been used for the last 10 years!  

The Report

The report will set out the options available to you.  If you do decide to use our services the cost of the report will be deducted from the cost of the service provided.

The Costs
A fresh perspective review from $300 + GST 

Note:  Costs quoted here are a guideline only.  Each property is individually assessed and quoted.

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